Citibank Philippines Online Banking Problems

Seems Citibank Philippines’ online banking site is acting up again. Last week it was very slow. Now you can login and it seems very responsive, but as soon as you try to do anything it kicks you out. Either responding with: You have attempted to access a restricted page (which happens if the messages function is selected) or You have been inactive for too long (which happens on accessing any other function even if I was quick to perform my online activity).

The messages function is also quirky. It will kick you out for using an “invalid character”. The set of characters that’s valid is anyone’s guess. So far, it seems the only safe characters are the numbers and letters and the space, period and comma. If I have only that and nothing else except for quoted text which it supplies automatically on reply below my newly composed response, it still kicks me out.

Has anyone else encountered similar problems with Citibank?