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Cleaning the Samsung WD0754W8E / WD0804W8E Front Load Washing Machine Debris Filter

The washing machine displayed an error today in the middle of a wash cycle: error 5E.

I looked it up in the manual, and it seems to indicate the debris filter has to be cleaned. I was already previously aware that that debris filter had to be cleaned regularly as a matter of maintenance, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it.

Now I had to. So, consulting the manual there are a couple of steps to do:

1. Opening the filter cover
2. Opening the emergency drain cap and draining the water out.
3. Unscrewing the debris filter cap
4. Cleaning the filter
5. Putting things back

Step 1 gave me a bit of trouble. The filter cover did not easily open. I used a flat screw driver, and eventually the filter cover relented.

The draining step of step 2, took quite a long time. So, I guess you just have to be patient. After about an hour or so of draining, the flow became very weak.

The long drain time could be because the machine was about to start its spin cycle after the wash. I am unsure.

The third step was wasn’t as simple as I had hoped. The debris filter cap didn’t want to turn left just by hand, so I had to resort to some tools again. It gave in when I used a wrench to tackle it. It was easy from there.

And then after I got the debris filter out, I saw the accumulated gunk that was clogging up the filter.

I also found a key that I had lost in the washing machine a couple of months back.

The machine is now working again, after putting it back. Maybe the filter cover and the debris filter will open easier in the future. I put back the debris filter cap just by hand.

Samsung WD0804W8E
Samsung WD0804W8E

For proper maintenance, the manual recommends:
1. Performing ECO Drum Clean. The manual doesn’t recommend a frequency, but there is an ECO Drum Clean indicator to look out for.

ECO drum clean indicator
ECO drum clean indicator

2. Cleaning the debris 5 or 6 times a year. Or when 5E error occurs.
3. Cleaning the water hose mesh filter once a year. Or when the 4E error occurs.

I didn’t cover all the maintenance items that were in the manual. I selected those items that I think are the most important.

I mentioned two models of the Samsung washing machine in the title of this post. I think they are both very similar and I have used both, and I think the instructions work the same.