iplay 5 in 1 wireless headphone review

I just got the iplay 5 in 1 wireless headphone.

The FM radio function works, but it seems otherwise useless as a wireless headset.

The headset requires 2 AAA batteries to function as a wireless device.  The emitter portion requires either 2 AAA batteries as well, or a 4.5V DC source.

In the wireless earphone mode, one is supposed to press the reset button and then  scan button on the earphone to get the input audio source to come out from the headset.  I got it to work but required a lot of attempts at scanning.

The headset seems to be basically an FM receiver.  And the emitter is sending on a specific FM frequency (86+/-0.5 MHz)  in order to provide the audio feed.

The headset doesn’t seem to do the reception of the FM frequency of the emitter very well.  When I get a fix, it seems I have to be very close and in front of the emitter.  If I move a little, and often even just by touching the headset, the signal fix is lost, and reception is lost.

The headset does function well if attached via an ordinary audio cable (doesn’t need the batteries if used this way).  But what is the point of having this wireless headset if it doesn’t work well when it is wireless.


Hard drive prices

One of my boot drives just failed yesterday.

I bought a new 1TB hard disk. Had to go around asking a couple of shops because the price suddenly went up – I got a quote of P6,900 at Villman.

Eventually settled on P5,400 at PC express on cash basis for a 1TB Seagate SATA disk.

Seems the price suddenly went up due to the supply problems in Thailand.

Used to cost just P3,500.


Windows 7 and XP dual boot

Getting XP and Windows 7 to dual boot can be a bit tricky, when XP is installed after Win7.

A summary of the steps needed:

1. Shrink Win 7 in Disk Management so that there is free partition space for XP.  Particularly if Win7 is pre-installed and eats up the entire HDD.

2. Optional step to integrate a SATA driver into XP installer:   use nlite to slipstream install and integrate the SATA driver for the new laptop.  On the Neo Basic laptop, it is provided by the manufacturer.

3. Run XP install.  This will break Win7’s ability to boot.

4. Get a copy of bootsect.exe.  It is a bit strange that microsoft does not seem to host a copy for download.  Run “bootsect /nt60 c:” where c: refers to the boot drive of win7.  This will restore the ability of win7 to boot but will break XP boot.

5. Get a copy of VistaBootPro and/or bcdedit.exe.  This will allow one to make setup entries in Win7’s boot options list.  Consult guides on the internet.  Easy to do with VistaBootPro.

6. Recommended: do step 4 and 5 in XP while XP is still able to boot (don’t restart just yet).  Also, XP will likely place a copy of NTLDR file in c: if Win7 was around first.  Have to copy that into d: where XP is.  Need to remove and restore SHR attrib for copy to work.  The NTLDR is needed in d: because that is where one has to point the boot BCD entry for XP.  There is a microsoft article that explains the difference between boot setup in XP and Win7/Vista.

Posted 2011-12-19

New BPI – Jollibee promo

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