Preparing – Leaving Philippines to Migrate to Australia

Are you a Filipino migrating to Australia?

I migrated with my family about 2 years ago from the Philippines to live in Melbourne.

If you are preparing to migrate to Australia, here are some things you can look into preparing while still in the Philippines ahead of migrating. Some of this particularly works, if you have a friend/family in Australia who is able to lend a postal address for you to use.

– Setting up a bank account. I believe ANZ and Commbank make it possible for migrants to setup new accounts from overseas. Another good reason to get a bank account early is that there are many cases where you will be asked to show a bank account statement (among other requirements or possible IDs) for purpose of ID verification.

– Ordering a myki card online. This is not a big deal because you can also buy anytime from a 7-11 or a train station. Its just that when you get a myki card online, it gets printed with your name on it which the generic Myki card does not have. If you order online the card is sent via snail mail. Maybe takes a week or so to arrive. This maybe costs $10 AUD to order which gives you at $10 credit.

– Request for a TFN (online request).—application-for-individuals/

– Prepare to request a medicare card. I think requests have to be personally submitted at Centrelink but you can at least prepare the form:

– Investigate places to rent at or airbnb is also a good option for short-term stays (I can send referral for airbnb–both of us get will get credits).

– Investigate mobile plans. For me, one of the better options and the cheapest is Vaya. Please feel free to comment and I can send a friend referral which gets me some refer credits. Vaya is sort of like a postpaid subscription in the sense of the payment method, but it is fairly easy to obtain. I think the main requirement is a bank account/credit card to auto debit payments from. On the other hand, if what you want is an actual prepaid subscription then instead, look at Optus or Amaysim. If you want premium good quality service, the best network is Telstra.

– Setup for yourself an everyday rewards and flybuys membership. These are the rewards card for Woolworths (woolies) and Coles respectively. Its inevitable that you will be shopping at these supermarkets when you are here.

– It may also be a good idea for you to do just a little research on Superannuation. It is a bit premature because you only need it when you start working, but at least it would be good to have a conceptual understanding.

– Be aware that you need to get a seminar and passport stamp from the CFO before your initial departure date.

– The IOM offers discounted airfare (one way) for migrants.

You also get 40 kilos baggage allowance when booking via IOM. Their contact info:

And keep in mind that dates in Australia are written day before month.

There will be many other things to prepare if you are a migrant. These are just a few things I have thought of. Good luck. You have an exciting time ahead of you.