Hardware ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_44E

This Hardware ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_44E that I encountered on the Thinkpad X200 corresponds to the Intel Turbo Memory. The correct driver for it on Vista or Windows 7 (or also windows 8?) is:


I believe this driver applies to a number of other Lenovo Thinkpad models as well.

It is a bit odd that Lenovo does not publish this driver on their driver support site.

This Turbo memory does not work for XP so there is a disabling tool:

Disabling tool for Intel Turbo Memory Driver – ThinkPad R61, T61, T61p, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet, Reserve Edition

Comparison review of Citibank Rewards Card and Qantascash Australia

I am comparing today, the Citibank Rewards credit card:

which is advertised as a $0 annual fee lifetime credit card, and it’s got rewards too.

And the Qantascash card which I recently received. It just arrived in the mail and I only had to activate. It’s a debit card. Similarly no fees, but requires that you not leave it dormant for a year else there are fees. The suggestion is to remove the balance if you will be dormant.

Rewards Points conversion on the Citibank:
1.25 Citibank Rewards points for every dollar spent in Australia, and 3 points per dollar overseas.

Rewards Points conversion on the Qantascash:
One point for every $2 you spend in Australian dollars on eligible purchases. One point for every $1 you spend in foreign currency on eligible purchases.

if we follow the Qantas frequent flyer points conversion to gift card which is $30 for every 2000 points, I get around half a percent return on the Citibank, and a third of a percent on Qantas cash.

But I saw this also on the Citibank rewards site: $500 Cashback, Code: 2443, requires Reward Points 200,000. This is a very bad rate and translates into a very low conversion, giving a result of a fifth of a percent return if this is correct.

And then elsewhere on the Citibank site, it gives a different figure for dollar spent to points conversion:

so, I am confused a little.

The conversion rates overall, don’t seem too different from what we had in the Philippines where the best credit card rewards programs had about half a percent return. The exception in PH is Citibank. Some of their special credit cards had much higher return on select things like petrol, electric, Mercury Drug and Rustans.

MS Access woes

It seems there is a clear trend that newer versions of Windows and MS Office manage to just wreck fundamental functionality rather than enhance it with newer versions. I was just working on a simple APPEND query in Access a while ago. Access 2007 returns an obscure error: “INSERT INTO statement contain unknown field name” error. Access 2003 runs the same exact query without problems. There was nothing fancy in the query I was doing. It was just a very simple append operation but Access 2007 just won’t run. I did research the error a bit and did not find any satisfactory solution.