Citi Cashback mechanics – released October 26, 2011

To get 5% rebate, a user needs P10,000 worth non-department store purchases. At below P10,000, the user gets only 2% rebate. Rebates are capped at P1000 per monthly billing.

Prior to this, there was no monthly cap and all grocery or department store purchases qualify for 5% rebate.

Meralco bills earn 2% rebate as of October 1 (enrolled for auto-debit).

Previously PLDT and Meralco earned 5% Up to June 2011 (extended up to July 31, 2011).


Citibank credit cards

Citibank is implementing unfavorable features on their credit cards without advance notice. Lately, Citibank have announced caps and tiered rebates on their Citicash back credit card. The announcement is made October 26, 2011 and effective at October 1, 2011.


Citibank rebate caps

Citibank have begun to put caps on their rebates. One can only get P1000 per month maximum. First with their citibank mercury, and now with their Citi Cashback credit card. Time to think about using other credit card services.



The AXA funds seem strange. They have two prices for each fund (offer and bid). They quote you the more expensive price when you buy, and then give you the lower price when you sell later.