Installing XP on Dell Inspiron 1464. Stuck looking for drivers?

I have just done installing XP on the Dell Inspiron 1464.  I am sharing my experience.

I have the Dell Inspiron with stock Win7 pre-installed.  I previously had it dual booting with Ubuntu.

I started setup with an XP CD that has SP3 slipstreamed via nlite.  Perform XP setup with SATA mode set to IDE in BIOS.  I have tried, but have not yet successfully gotten AHCI mode to work.

I also managed to slipstream the driver for the WLAN.  Convenient.

Where to find the WLAN driver?

You can google search “54wg04ww”.  The .exe file with this filename is what you need.

This site gives a good lead:

I’ll post all of the files on dropbox as well.

I found that this WLAN driver has to be installed manually via device manager if it is not slipstreamed.  I.e. you right click the unknown Network controller item and select update driver and proceed from there.  After successful install, this item is identified in device manager as “Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter”.

As to the rest of the drivers:

VGA driver – hard to find

The correct one is here:

The filename is 12-6-legacy_xp32_dd_ccc_whql.exe

Found it with help from the dell forums.  This driver does not require installation of anything prior to it.  You have the wrong driver if it is telling you that you still need dotnet client or something.

Chipset drivers – SM Bus Controller

Found by using intel driver update utility at:

This driver has to be slipstreamed into XP install via nlite.  Else performance of the resulting XP system will be slow – a great puzzle for the minds of some low level engineers for sure.  A friendly guy on the Dell Forums gave me a helpful hint.

Chipset drivers – PCI Simple Communications Device

Found from the supplied Dell Drivers CD – the one that came with the laptop.


This driver also has to be slipstreamed into XP install via nlite, else performance of the resulting XP system will be slow.  This issue had me puzzled for a long time but now I believe its solved.

Audio driver

From the CD: R243230.EXE

Card Reader driver

From the CD: R242825.EXE

Network controller – Ethernet driver

This one is easy – let Windows search for it and it will find.

Webcam driver

This one also seems easy.  The driver for the webcam was identified by Windows update so I installed that.  There also seems to be an XP compatible driver in the CD set.

I have a copy of the drivers here:


Codecs for MPEG2 files off Sony HDDcam


So, it has been a while since I’ve had to do any movie file editing.  I found myself needing to edit some that came from the Sony HDD camera DCR-SR200.

After a while of searching, I found them at:

Video codec:

Elecard Mpeg-2 codec

Audio codec:


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Loving the blackberry


Why do I love the blackberry, let me count the ways (or the reasons):

For email:

1. efficient use of data bandwidth. BB email does not use a lot of mobile data.

2. its easy to do searches. Search on sender, subject, content.

3. its easy to copy/paste bb email/sms text. So its easy to transfer text between sms and email also.

4. read/unread state syncs between device and handset.

5. qwerty – so very easy to type.

6. choose on delete – delete on handset only or delete both on handset and server.

7. responsiveness – the device handles email quite fast. New email shows up rather quickly.


For the price:

8. The handset is very cheap.  I personally use the BB8520.  It can be had on ebay for USD $79 or PHP 4,000.

9. There are newer handsets but I avoid the more expensive units.  There is a new blackberry curve 9220 which seems to be the successor to the BB8520.  All told, its a very good but cheap 2G phone, that perfectly suits the purpose of anyone looking for a quality qwerty mobile email device with excellent phone capabilities.  Don’t need 3G or new technologies for the blackberry.  At 2G the device delivers good performance already.

10. Smart are offering the blackberry BIS service for a subscription of only PHP 599 a month.  This includes unlimited email, browsing, BBM, social networking.

The BB8520 phone features include:

11. speakerphone

12. mp3 support – so I use mine as an audio player.

13. support for all the supplementary services – call forward, conferencing, call wait, etc.

14. easy to use copy/paste

15. bluetooth

16. micro-sd support.  If connected to a PC, the SD card shows up as a new device.

17. charges via micro USB.  Can charge from a PC.  What can be easier?

18. the phone is robust, and the battery lasts very long.

19. the 8520 supports  BB email sync over wifi

20. simple management for connections – toggle bluetooth, wifi, mobile network connections in one place.

21. did I say that the phone has a camera, not the best but still decent.

22. supports apps and games

23. BB software on the pc supports backups and sync of phone data with outlook.


I believe it can be argued that for value, performance, functionality and robustness the blackberry remains the best mobile device around bar none.  Particularly if email and mobile voice/SMS is the main criteria.

Tech tip – I want to create a google maps URL

Want to create a URL for a particular location on google maps?  It could be a location that you are already looking at (on google maps) and just wish to share.

Here’s what I would do:

1.  Point the mouse cursor on google maps at the point of interest. Right click the google maps screen and choose “what’s here”.

2. This will cause google maps to display the lat-long coordinates of the location at the input box at the top.

3. You can now copy the latitude and longitude coordinates values.  Just copy both numbers including the comma.

4. Use the following URL text as a template, replace the lat-long values at the end with the one just copied.,121.019752

5. That’s it you should now have a properly formed google maps URL that can be shared.

Occupancy sensor review – Leviton OSC10-M0W

I just installed the Leviton occupancy sensor OSC10-M0W.

It came with the OSP20-D0 power pack.

This sensor is described as:

‘The Leviton OSC10-M0W Occupancy sensors is the most advanced sensor available. Combines multi-technology with all-digital architecture. Eliminates false triggering. The result is a trouble-free, “install and forget” solution for lighting control.’

The leviton powerpack that came with the sensor works with 220v power, eventhough most of the material I found on Leviton’s site seems to indicate that 220v is not supported.

So far it seems to work well.  Much better than the a previous sensor that I had (a Meiji infrared sensor that was available at Ace hardware).  It turns off too quickly – even when people are still in the room and near the sensor.  Also it seems to respond faster – turns the light on quicker as soon as presence is detected.

The manuals are downloadable on the net.