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Weird Things

The weird things that Meralco does:
– makes it very hard to transfer account names, such as from developer to property owner
– blocks people making online payments when a day or more late. Do they not want to collect/receive payments in these circumstances anyway?

The weird things that PLDT do:
– makes it very hard to request an account disconnection: need to go to a PLDT business office, when the transaction could alternatively be handled over the phone. Don’t they know how to authenticate people over the phone?

The weird things that BPI do:
– Everyday their BPI express online goes offline early in the morning. It also goes offline at random times during the day.
– BPI credit cards cannot be paid from other banks online. Most other credit cards are possible to pay online via any bank.
– Charges a fee for inward local remit from another bank

The weird things Philippine banks do other than citibank:
– make it hard to do local interbank fund transfers which is very free, simple and easy to do in many other countries.

Cebu pacific
– it is not possible to choose currency when booking a flight using the website but if you call to make the booking they can.

Standard chartered:
– they make it really difficult to do simple funds transfers. Even for transfers within own account.



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The bank sent me someone else’s statement

It has happened twice now on two different banks. These are e-statements: emailed PDF statements. I have reported the issue to both banks. Let’s see what they do.

It seems the issue is not new. Other customers with other banks have had it happen to them:


In my case, the banks have sent me password protected PDFs. When I could not open them, I got curious. I investigated it further, and that’s when I discovered what was going on. So, have you received an e-statement you could not open?