Solaris 10 sparc curl 7.45 and openssl 1.0.2e

I have just done a compile of curl 7.45.0 and openssl 1.0.2e

The binary is here.

curl and ssl download

Source code:
curl 7.45 is dated 2015-10-07 from
openssl 1.0.2e is dated 2015-12-03 from

The binaries are provided without warranties of any kind. Feel free to leave me a comment.


BPI Express online is down again

Just tried to access BPI Express online and all I get is.

bpi login

– Why is BPI Express online down too often? This is not the first that I have encountered this screen.

– The page talks about a daily system refresh. Surely there must be some means to do their refresh that avoids a prolonged downtime. Many banks and other websites can do it, but BPI cannot?

– This daily system refresh that the page talks of is supposed to happen 10PM manila time. It is now 8:20AM Manila time. Did the BPI system refresh take that long?

Philippine passport renewals – in Melbourne

My wife and kids have applied for renewal of their passports at the mobile passport mission in Melbourne at 21 March 2015.

We got the new passports 10 July 2015–a turn-around time of almost 4 months.

The passports have a date stamp of 08 June 2015.

To the credit of the folks at the embassy and consulate, it was a fairly hassle-free process.

To check on the status, its important to know that one should check the Philippine Embassy site and not the consulate site.

I ended up following up by calling the Canberra Embassy office. Spoke with someone who was quite friendly. On learning that the passports had already expired, he told me I did not have to mail the old passports to the Canberra office. He just arranged to mail the new passports. In my case, I used a parcel collect address which I find to be quite convenient for receiving parcels.

The cost was $118 per adult. $108 for kids. This had to be paid with a postal money order–and there are no other options, which is kinda restrictive and odd. One would hope officials will realise there is added cost (of $8.95) because of this payment type, and do something to offer other alternatives.

The mew passport information will need to be updated with Australia’s department of immigration.

Some sites newly arrived Australia Migrants Will Wanna Check Out – Posted 2015


    This site tells me when there are deals/bargains happening. For instance when a sale at Coles or Woolies happens, then it’s posted here.

2% Cash Back on Paywave

    ING offers 2% cashback for every paywave transaction, which effectively means there you get a 2% discount. Ozbargain also discusses this offer. Feel free to use my Friend refer code: DTL423. [2016 update:] ING are ending the cashback program by September by the friend referrals are still good.

    Is there a better a way to spend Saturday mornings than to join a free 5k run around beautiful parks and scenery, with a large bunch of like-minded friendly people. These parkruns are located all over Australia and other countries. They’re on faceboook too. This one is for my favourite parkrun at Albert Park

ABC News

    Keep up with local events on the web, phone, or on TV (channel 24).


    As a migrant, one of the first things you should sort out is access to medicare. This will allow access to free or reduced cost doctor consults and hospital services.

After Hours Doctor service

    One of the nice services available in Australia is the after-hours GP service where a doctor does home visits. The case does not have to be an emergency. It just has to be after daytime office hours, so after 5 or 6pm you can get a doctor to come over for a consult. There are many of these services available online and the link provided above is just one of them. And very often the service is free as it is bulk-billed.


MozFr – Melbourne Oz FreeCycle

    This is where people freely give away stuff they no longer need. They are on facebook too, but be sure to join the yahoogroup first by mailing your location and name to the subscribe address.
    It’s easy to find free furniture here like bed, couch, tables, and at times appliances too. If you believe in the concept of recycling used stuff instead of just putting them in the bin, this is a good site to subscribe to.

Queen Victoria Market

    The Market is Open Five Days a Week Tuesday & Thursday 6am – 2pm Friday 6am – 5pm (General Merchandise til 3pm) Saturday 6am -3pm Sunday 9am – 4pm

What every internet banking site should do

If I was going to submit some suggestions for improvement of a bank’s Internet banking site, these are some things I would put:

1. If a new message is received in the online banking messages function, then a notification should be sent to the subscriber.

2. Make it easy to check savings account interest rates

3. Make it easy to export data. It should be possible to easily copy/paste account and transactions information.

4. Make the online banking interface simple, lightweight and quick. People go to online banking with a simple purpose, and not to be awed by fancy design.

5. There’s no shame with sticking to an interface that is clean, simple, standard and formulaic. It is advantageous to the customer for the interface to be familiar, and not overly re-hashed and bespoke. Banks may think it is important to stamp their brand. The customer’s priority is to transact, and it would be nice to be able to easily find where things are.

6. Updating the website interface should be done rarely / avoided, particularly changing appearance, and changing location of functions.

7. Online statements are important. Make it easy to find. Keeping more available for longer periods is a great bonus.

8. Make it possible to update address/contact details information online.

9. Modern banks make it possible to transfer inter-bank locally easily and for free. I think it should be standard across all banks.

10. A high contrast, easily readable interface that uses good sized fonts is a great benefit. There are many people that are color blind, and everyone’s eyesight becomes worse with age. Spare a thought for the few who have to strain because of poor color combinations/overly stylized internet banking website designs.

11. I think it is better for all accounts to be visible from one screen. There are online banking sites where you have to switch to another tab or expand a dropdown or go to another site to see credit cards or other types of accounts.

12. internet banking websites shouldn’t disable copy/paste. Particularly when the task is to fill up an account number in an enroll/transfer request for instance. Its not like making the subscriber type the account is going to make the handling much more secure.

13. Mobile OTPs are a good idea, but please don’t make the pin too long and prompt for it at every turn. I think stanchart banking site is one that sends a very long pin, and just about every function requires the OTP. Maybe entering the OTP one time is sufficient security for a session.

14. Have a backup when OTP’s do not arrive.

15. Overly short timeouts are a pain. Hint: bpi