Setting up Android x86 on VirtualBox

1. There are a couple of articles that explain the process. Such as this:

A number suggest setting up a fixed size virtual disk. I am not sure that this is required but I set it up that way.

I installed Android Kitkat 4.3.

ISO image can be downloaded at:

2. Then install root:

method 1 worked. Alt-F1 can be pressed during startup to get to a root shell.

3. Next challenge – get network access

issuing the command: dhcpcd eth0; dhcpcd eth1

worked for me as suggested by

but no DNS.

4. Fixed DNS by fixing the dnsmasq line in /etc/ need to make sure there is a valid pid file.

I also made sure to set up a bridged and NAT adapter in VM settings. They have to be PC NET II.

And hallelujah. It worked.

– Have to disable mouse integration (Host + I) so that mouse pointer is visible.
– If you find the screen is blank, just press Host+H to activate ACPI shutdown — kinda like pressing power on/off.

Pending issue:
– when running the CPU is very high. And it seems to run very slow.


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