Powershop review

I’ve been with Powershop for 4 months now, and so far the electric service costs with them have been cheaper compared to the previous electric provider we had, even on top of that provider’s 20% discount for paying on time. My actual electric bill comes to an average of $50+ per month exclusive of the discount that I got when I signed up.

Powershop currently have a promo going where new members can get $75 credit when referred by a current member.

Get Up https://www.getup.org.au/ seem to be endorsing Powershop as well.

Lately, I did notice per unit rates seem to have gone up on Powershop. Hopefully that will go down after the winter months.

The actual rates today:



From time to time, there are promotional rates offered, like the one listed in the image above (the first item).

If you are interested in trying out Powershop, leave me a comment to say you are interested, and I can send a referral – we would both get credits. There are no commitments so, people are free to join and leave if they aren’t satisfied. Powershop facilitates both the joining or exiting and make it easy.


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