Opening the Neo B3510 Laptop

I just opened today a Neo B3510 laptop to replace its HDD. The steps I had to do were:

1. Remove all the screws at the bottom, including one in the middle (normally covered by a warranty sticker), and two screws that are near the hinges for the laptop lid.

2. Crack open gently the plastic bottom that covers the underside. It opens a bit similar to the Asus EEEPC 1025c except all the electronics are not attached to the bottom underside. They are all attached to the top bit that has the keyboard.

It can be a bit challenging getting the bottom underside to detach completely, particularly because the VGA port on the right side is blocking the plastic. On the left side, the spaker/mic jacks are similarly blocking the plastic edge on the left side from coming off. I used a metal piece from one arm of a binder clip to help with getting the plastic off these tricky areas.

After removing the plastic underside cover, it was easy to access the HDD. The RAM is also similarly easy to access on this laptop.


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