Problems with Windows 7 – its the bloat and the bugs

– lots of bugs.

– superfetch

– Setting up windows firewall to allow a port is difficult, and the option seems to be difficult to find. What I have gotten is just the allowed apps list.

– I have encountered a case where Windows 7 still goes ahead with installing updates even if I have specifically setup automatic updates to notify first.

– why does netsvcs svchost.exe take up 1GB of memory.

– Installing Epson XP-100 drivers does not work

– Performing simple file copy-paste within Windows Explorer – does not work

– Other copy-paste operations from non-MS apps also often show inexplicable errors

– Windows File search has lost the ability to search through hidden folders or system folders

– Windows Task Manager does not behave properly when Always On Top is turned off. It like to stay on top even when it should not.

– The black shutdown screen that appears when shutting down and some programs are still remaining to close is a very bad user interface change. How are you supposed to interact with an app such as word that might be prompting “Save your file before exiting?”

– In general Windows 7 updates are very slow. The updates also cause a very add-on bloating to RAM and disk.

Microsoft agrees: Windows is a “really large bloated operating system”

This trend cannot be sustainable. And there are simple solutions for MS–for instance they can continue to release the usual roster of OS editions but they can add a trim and slim line. That seems to be something quite easily doable.


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