BDO makes enrolling a new 3rd party account very hard

I’ve known this for a while, so it is just a statement of something well known. Enrolling a third party account into BDO is very hard. It is not enough that you can login to online web banking to enroll. They make you validate the enrollment via ATM. And then even when you have done the ATM validation, you can still get the following email:

We wish to inform you that your enrollment with Transaction Reference No. OO-20140410-206597 to BDO Electronic Channel/s:

Online Banking

was rejected due to some reasons.

To be fair, many other PH banks are similarly difficult. BDO deserves special mention though because their systems make you hope that your enrollment validation will work over ATM when it is futile, and their email error message is so very helpful. For 3rd party funds transfers there are some PH banks that have been able to do it correctly:

Metrobank – it is easy to enroll third party accounts online (for intra-bank transfers).

Citibank – has the best service for fund transfers and third party accounts. Its quick to enroll online and free to transfer to any third party inter-bank.

In many other countries, 3rd party funds transfers are easy to perform online. In Australia, one can transfer to any other person via online banking using BSB and account number. I think it should not continue to be such a difficult service to access. And, emails from banks should not be so dumb.


One thought on “BDO makes enrolling a new 3rd party account very hard”

  1. Hassle. If you’re in abroad you need to print the form, send by postal mail to BDO main branch.

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