The Melbourne Capital City Trail

I’ve been running the Capital city trail the last few days.  For some reason, the North Bank portion seems to be closed at the moment starting at Punt Road.  I have some additional troubleshooting notes for going counter-clockwise in on top of what’s on the Bicycle Victoria page:

– there is an important right turn that has to be made right before reaching Heidelberg Road in order to remain on the Merri Creek Trail.  This T-junction in the trail happens shortly after a drinking fountain on the left side.  Once you pass the Merri Creek Labirynth one should start looking out.  One should not ever set foot on Heidelberg Road.  If you do, you missed the turn.

– The trail ends at Grange Road coming from South bank going East. The MacRobertson Bridge has to be crossed — either follow Yarra Boulevard south east (longer route) or the Survey Paddock Trail (Shorter).

There is an alternate path along the southern edge of the trail: there is a path right along the side of the citylink running from Morrell Bridge to Loys Paddock to Grange Road and MacRobertsons Bridge.

Updates 2014-08-03:

  • Capital city trail run 01

    There is construction work at Victoria St. corner Burnley Street

This is the proper route for capital city trail:


And this is an alternate route we took:
Capital city trail run 02

  • Capital city trail run 03It is possible to get confused about the turn at the end of Merri Creek Trail

On reaching the end of Merri Creek Trail (at Trenery Crescent) following a clockwise traversal of the capital city trail, one has to take a left turn and take the narrow path that goes under Eastern Highway.

Capital city trail run 04



A clearer google maps view: – we came in from the north east. And then one must take a left at the star following Trenery Crescent.





  • Capital city trail run 05

    Finding the ramp that goes up to Flemington Bridge.

The correct ramp is on the near side, close to where we are leaving the trail path.


Zoomed-in view. Sharp turn marked with the upper arrow. The trail ends at this point and the ramp going up Flemington Bridge starts. Capital city trail run 06




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