Loving the blackberry


Why do I love the blackberry, let me count the ways (or the reasons):

For email:

1. efficient use of data bandwidth. BB email does not use a lot of mobile data.

2. its easy to do searches. Search on sender, subject, content.

3. its easy to copy/paste bb email/sms text. So its easy to transfer text between sms and email also.

4. read/unread state syncs between device and handset.

5. qwerty – so very easy to type.

6. choose on delete – delete on handset only or delete both on handset and server.

7. responsiveness – the device handles email quite fast. New email shows up rather quickly.


For the price:

8. The handset is very cheap.  I personally use the BB8520.  It can be had on ebay for USD $79 or PHP 4,000.

9. There are newer handsets but I avoid the more expensive units.  There is a new blackberry curve 9220 which seems to be the successor to the BB8520.  All told, its a very good but cheap 2G phone, that perfectly suits the purpose of anyone looking for a quality qwerty mobile email device with excellent phone capabilities.  Don’t need 3G or new technologies for the blackberry.  At 2G the device delivers good performance already.

10. Smart are offering the blackberry BIS service for a subscription of only PHP 599 a month.  This includes unlimited email, browsing, BBM, social networking.

The BB8520 phone features include:

11. speakerphone

12. mp3 support – so I use mine as an audio player.

13. support for all the supplementary services – call forward, conferencing, call wait, etc.

14. easy to use copy/paste

15. bluetooth

16. micro-sd support.  If connected to a PC, the SD card shows up as a new device.

17. charges via micro USB.  Can charge from a PC.  What can be easier?

18. the phone is robust, and the battery lasts very long.

19. the 8520 supports  BB email sync over wifi

20. simple management for connections – toggle bluetooth, wifi, mobile network connections in one place.

21. did I say that the phone has a camera, not the best but still decent.

22. supports apps and games

23. BB software on the pc supports backups and sync of phone data with outlook.


I believe it can be argued that for value, performance, functionality and robustness the blackberry remains the best mobile device around bar none.  Particularly if email and mobile voice/SMS is the main criteria.


One thought on “Loving the blackberry”

  1. QWERTY Blackberry forever! ‎#qwertyforever
    1. auto-text
    2. shortcut keys
    3. simple access to search by subject/sender/advanced search
    4. touch typing
    5. type fast
    6. best for composing sms/emails
    7. delete on handheld/server – prompt options
    8. responsiveness
    9. copy/cut/paste. precise control over text selection
    10. shortcut key to saved searches

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