Occupancy sensor review – Leviton OSC10-M0W

I just installed the Leviton occupancy sensor OSC10-M0W.

It came with the OSP20-D0 power pack.

This sensor is described as:

‘The Leviton OSC10-M0W Occupancy sensors is the most advanced sensor available. Combines multi-technology with all-digital architecture. Eliminates false triggering. The result is a trouble-free, “install and forget” solution for lighting control.’

The leviton powerpack that came with the sensor works with 220v power, eventhough most of the material I found on Leviton’s site seems to indicate that 220v is not supported.

So far it seems to work well.  Much better than the a previous sensor that I had (a Meiji infrared sensor that was available at Ace hardware).  It turns off too quickly – even when people are still in the room and near the sensor.  Also it seems to respond faster – turns the light on quicker as soon as presence is detected.

The manuals are downloadable on the net.


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