Root the Asus TF300





Correct drivers for TF300:



1. Follow the process in #1 above.  However, the correct drivers are in #3.  The drivers included in the skydrive link provided by #1 do not work for me.  Also, I REM’d out the color line within the .BAT before running it.  The change in color does not work well for color blind folks like me.

2. So, as the .BAT program says, make sure the correct drivers are installed – for me I did it via Computer management / Device Management.  Or follow the New hardware device found prompt and tell windows to use a specific driver – the ones from #3.  There is no need to install bloatware from Asus.  Also, no need to have the android sdk.

3.  Also, as the .BAT program says, make sure the unknown sources and developer option settings are correct

4. After that, the .BAT runs like a charm.  The device rebooted about 3 times and after that, I had superuser.

BTW, my TF300 had the .30 firmware at time of rooting.  My device is new, and I ran the new device setup process when I first opened it, and that did a firmware update upfront.



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