Laptop fix work – Neo B3362N

Purchased a Neo B3362N last year, April 2011, and recently it developed an HDD problem.  Good thing, the Neo shop honored the warranty.  After 10 calendar days, I got the laptop back.  They replaced the 250 GB toshiba HDD with a 300 GB Samsung HDD.  More space.

But the new HDD had no OS.  The guy at the Neo shop allowed me to copy files off the old HDD  but did not let me keep it.  That’s ok, I thought.  I knew I had an image backup of the OS.  I will just try to restore.

Partition restore problem ensued.  Clonezilla does not seem to want to restore a partition if the sequence number on it is different from the target partition.  Also, Clonezilla will not create partitions if none already exist – this was easily fixed but I wish Clonezilla had the ability to offer the quick fix required.  The other concern on the partition sequence – I had to rename the saved image files to  “sda1” as that is the designation for the first partition–somehow my backup had “sda5” names on it.

After that, clonezilla happily obliged the partition restore.  I was not sure if I got the partition size exactly the same as it was before but the restore seems to have worked anyway.

Next issue – after booting – I get the error NTLDR is missing.  I thought simple to fix – just copy NTLDR again.  I used a bootable ubuntu installer because ubuntu knows how to mount NTFS.  And then, I copied into the C drive the NTLDR file.

That didn’t fix it.  Next issue after booting – I get NTLDR is compressed.  I believe I had my boot partition compressed, as I usually do.  Even if copied a new NTLDR file, it seems to be adopting the attribute of the parent drive.  What to do:

1. Tried using recovery console but it seems I don’t have the right administrator password.

2. Tried installing XP on a new partition but the new XP also can’t boot.

3. Tried installing Win7/XP on a new partition – also didn’t work.  XP won’t boot.

In the end had to reinstall.  I still don’t understand why the partition restore did not work – XP won’t boot.  The farthest XP got during boot is partly into the graphical screen for startup but after that it went into a blue screen.

In the future, it is possible to try setfattr to alter the C (compress) attribute.



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