Epson L200 review

Just bought the Epson L200 inktank printer.  Finally got it to work and print.  Had to call the Epson customer care at 7062609 (email customercare at to clarify some issues I had.


  1. The ink charging during setup did not start automatically after first restart after driver setup.  Had to repeatedly invoke “Printer Status Monitor 3” from the Maintenance Tab of the Printing preferences dialog.  It worked after another restart.
  2. The print nozzle had to be un-taped.  Open the flatbed scanner cover first and then above the button panel on the right is another small door – open that then remove the tape in there.
  3. There is a paper guide in the paper input feed area.  It has to be pinched in order to move it to the left side so paper can be inserted.
  4. The online registration does not work.

These items were never mentioned in any of the guides/docs that I saw that came with the printer.

Anyway, so far so good.  Other than the issues I mentioned, it seems ok.  It was P8,900 for cash at Villman.



New issue:  printer does not print if paper is not loaded correctly – in my case it did not print when i pushed the paper in too far into the input feed area.  It seems like one should not push paper in when feeding in.  It should just be left as is in the paper input feed area even if it seems like too much paper is exposed.


46 thoughts on “Epson L200 review”

  1. Hey – checking this printer out. Are u getting the number of prints EPSON claims? Does the ink dry when u do not print for a while?

    1. The printer seems ok except lately I find the prints are dirty–even after clean nozzle function. Text prints come out clean, but colored prints seem to produce ink blotches at the paper corners. Also, it seems like I am having to keep the printer turned on all the time. If I turn it off, I get the sense that the print quality gets worse. I haven’t really kept track of how many prints I have gotten but after having it for a couple of months now, there still seems to be plenty of ink.

    1. The scanner and copier are ok. The scanner app however is sensitive to the printer being kept on. If the printer is turned off, while leaving the scanner app on, the scanner app will go awry after the printer is restarted. The scanner app has to be restarted as well.

  2. When I switch off the printer it is not getting switched off instead the light on the panel corfresponding to the power butten flashes and the other two lights on the panel are in off mode. and no functions like printing, scanning or copying dont work. But when I disconnect the power and again reconnect printer starts in on mode and works properly. Again when I tries to switch off same issue occurs. That means i could not switch off the printer. What shall I do?

  3. When I try to switch off the printer it is not getting off instead the light on the panel corresponding to the power butten flashes and the other two lights on the panel are in off positon. All the three functions are disabled. But when I disconnec the power and then reconnect the power everything becomes normal except the printer will be in the on mode, ie we dont have to switch on the printer by pressing the power button. Again if I try to switch off by pressing the power button same issue starts. That means I am not able to power foff the printer. What shall I do?

    1. I actually keep mine turned on because I get the sense that the printer nozzle gets dirty, and prints get messier when the printer is turned off. It does not seem to be consuming much electic. Mine does turn off i press the power button. About the issue you spoke about when turning it off, I guess the best thing to do is to contact Epson support at your location. I am in Manila, btw.

      Another issue with turning off the printer is that the scanner app, which I usually leave turned on requires a restart if the printer is turned off.

      1. 2 weeks before a technical staff from epson came to my place and found out the board has some complaint and he told he will replace it within one week. Still I am waiting for them to make it. Yesterday when I telephoned the technical person he was asking for one more week to get it replaced as the fellow didnt get the spare part from the company till now even after waiting for two weeks

      2. Just two days after the purchase the problem occured. They said it is a manufacturing defect

    1. For me, I think so it is a yes overall. The main issues only are:
      – putting paper in proper position for the input feed sometimes seems hit or miss. You can’t push the paper in too far – the printer does not like that. But also the paper has to be evenly horizontal going in – often it tilts for me so I find myself doing the paper feed over and over until the printer is happy.
      – the printer has to be left always on so that it will always print clean, which seems ok. If I use a power usage monitor it doesn’t seem to eat much electric when idle.

      1. Thanks for your quick suggestions. Before reading your reply I went in to Market and inquired about the printer. Vendors are saying that this printer is not working with more than 150GSM Paper, is it so. Please help… I am confused whether to buy or not…

      2. I am not sure what is 150 gsm paper. Is that thick paper? Anyway, I have tried to print on standard letter size paper and on some A4 size photo paper – I got good results on these. Well, I guess you can ask your retailer/shop if you can try printing before you buy.

  4. I need to share the L200 printer between 2 laptops. How do I install the drivers on the second laptop? My initial thought is that since it takes 20 minutes for the initial prime. If I install on the second laprop, it might go through the priming process and suck and waste ink for 20 minutes.

    1. No. I think it should not prime a second time.

      If they are on the same network, you don’t need to do setup again. Just share the printer from the first machine and then access the shared printer over the network.

    2. you don’t need to install on second one. you just share printer on first one and check sharing setting in first one. then second one automatically installs it by clicking on printer

  5. Please read more forums before buying L200. I purchased mine a month ago. After that, it won’t turn on anymore. I returned it to Villman and am currently waiting for it to be repaired. Even a Villman manager is saying that their own L200 unit, after approximately 5 months of use, won’t print anymore and is also being repaired. Other retailers I’ve asked are having different problems with their L200. One says it could be the board which is the case they have with their L800. Anyway, i’m still waiting for my unit but I’m very disappointed because the unit is not cheap and, honestly, I’ve used for many years now various printers with CISS and now I tried to bet on the “genuine” set-up of Epson, and this happened. . .

    1. Sorry to hear that. I hope that doesn’t happen to my unit. Please let us know of your experience in getting a replacement. Please also share your usage experience in the one month that you’ve had the printer. Mine still works fine. I keep it always on.

      1. Sure, I will post the outcome. The Villman manager does not guarantee a replacement but promised to push for it instead of just a repair.

        My hobby is to layout personal photos which I print in A4 size photo papers but I have not used the printer much for this purpose yet. I just printed at the most 5 pages of A4 photo prints since the purchase. My wife and kids did most of the printing with around 300 pages of mostly black and white letter sized documents. I was quite happy already with the output because they are as advertised and for a while I thought that I made the right choice. I’m still hoping I did because I’ve always been an Epson fan having owned an R230 and other models for years . . .with CISS. . . On average, my L200 was “on” for at least 2 – 4 hours a day, but mostly idle, when kids just forget to turn it off after a couple of minutes use.

        It just didn’t feel right that, when I returned my unit to the store, they had another L200 sitting there waiting to be picked up by the Epson guys for repair. Across their store is another shop which has also received complaints (different from mine). They say Epson replaced the unit’s “motherboard” to address the problem. Hope that these are just coincidences so the experiences you have from your area might also help.

      2. Good luck. They do have a customer service number 7062609. Responded when I last called. They seem to be located at Anson’s Center Ortigas.

  6. We’re sending the unit for repair for the 2nd time since we bought it last November 2011. The first time the L200 printer just stopped printing, and when we got it back it worked fine for a few days then the we had problems with the black ink. Had to go through 3 or 4 regular cleaning cycles before I had to power clean the printer.

    Now it stopped printing turned itself off and would not power on again. If you press the power button the green power light will just blink and if you take your finger off the power button, the lights stops blinking too. Tried every possible solution that the web offered nothing worked.

    1. I am not sure of the specs that you are looking for. It is definitely not the fastest printer around. To make standard prints (not yet photo or docs with image print), it can take a while. You’ll need to be a bit patient with this printer.

  7. i heard most problem of epson l200 is no power, even if it is still under warranty epson wont cover it.

    1. I didn’t have that problem. And, now Epson have already come out with newer versions of their ink tank printers, which I have not yet had the opportunity to try out.

    2. I failed to update my post. I got a replacement for my L200. And, yes, they came out now with L210 but the replacement I got is still an L200 with an improved motherboard as the store claimed. The L210 model supposedly has addressed the “no power” problem. The info came from the store where I bought it and not from Epson. But this can be the obvious reason on why they came out with another series considering that they have just launched these ink tank models. I have not encountered any problems with my replacement unit since then (around September 2012).

  8. How is the L210?? I may be switching since my L200 is not turning on and it’s a hassle to have it repaired.

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