iplay 5 in 1 wireless headphone review

I just got the iplay 5 in 1 wireless headphone.

The FM radio function works, but it seems otherwise useless as a wireless headset.

The headset requires 2 AAA batteries to function as a wireless device.  The emitter portion requires either 2 AAA batteries as well, or a 4.5V DC source.

In the wireless earphone mode, one is supposed to press the reset button and then  scan button on the earphone to get the input audio source to come out from the headset.  I got it to work but required a lot of attempts at scanning.

The headset seems to be basically an FM receiver.  And the emitter is sending on a specific FM frequency (86+/-0.5 MHz)  in order to provide the audio feed.

The headset doesn’t seem to do the reception of the FM frequency of the emitter very well.  When I get a fix, it seems I have to be very close and in front of the emitter.  If I move a little, and often even just by touching the headset, the signal fix is lost, and reception is lost.

The headset does function well if attached via an ordinary audio cable (doesn’t need the batteries if used this way).  But what is the point of having this wireless headset if it doesn’t work well when it is wireless.


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