Windows 7 and XP dual boot

Getting XP and Windows 7 to dual boot can be a bit tricky, when XP is installed after Win7.

A summary of the steps needed:

1. Shrink Win 7 in Disk Management so that there is free partition space for XP.  Particularly if Win7 is pre-installed and eats up the entire HDD.

2. Optional step to integrate a SATA driver into XP installer:   use nlite to slipstream install and integrate the SATA driver for the new laptop.  On the Neo Basic laptop, it is provided by the manufacturer.

3. Run XP install.  This will break Win7’s ability to boot.

4. Get a copy of bootsect.exe.  It is a bit strange that microsoft does not seem to host a copy for download.  Run “bootsect /nt60 c:” where c: refers to the boot drive of win7.  This will restore the ability of win7 to boot but will break XP boot.

5. Get a copy of VistaBootPro and/or bcdedit.exe.  This will allow one to make setup entries in Win7’s boot options list.  Consult guides on the internet.  Easy to do with VistaBootPro.

6. Recommended: do step 4 and 5 in XP while XP is still able to boot (don’t restart just yet).  Also, XP will likely place a copy of NTLDR file in c: if Win7 was around first.  Have to copy that into d: where XP is.  Need to remove and restore SHR attrib for copy to work.  The NTLDR is needed in d: because that is where one has to point the boot BCD entry for XP.  There is a microsoft article that explains the difference between boot setup in XP and Win7/Vista.

Posted 2011-12-19


2 thoughts on “Windows 7 and XP dual boot”

  1. the easiest thing to do is to partition the drive to at least 2 and install xp first 🙂 (but this is assuming you have a new drive)

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