Prime Water Philippines

If you need to call Prime Water, a Manny Villar company, don’t waste time like I did calling the number printed on the bill. Instead call this number – 02 7279173. And if you wish to pay the bill online, don’t use the account number field of the bill. Instead, use the ATM reference number.

[Update 2017-03-22]
You can also get an electronic copy of your bill by sending an email to Provide them your account number and they will reply back. One is only left to wonder why they don’t make this a proper online electronic bills service rather than something adhoc like this and using a gmail address.

They also clearly want to make payment painful if you are paying late. Bills cannot be paid online if you are paying late. There is a workaround however, if you realise the last 4 digits of ATM phone reference are month+date of bill due. You can tweak the last 4 digits so they are a future date in case you want to pay prime water bill online. Tested working via Citibank PH online bill payment.


17 thoughts on “Prime Water Philippines”

  1. thanks for this. btw, im able to register the account but as i observe the last four digits on the ATM number is not the same on our previous bill. does it matter. i saw the same thing with MERALCO, though they have a different procedure, thanks

    1. I cannot say anymore whether one thing is correct or not. I have not used Prime water in a long time now. Maybe you can come back and let me know how it goes for you, and share your learnings if you should have any.

  2. Hi, when changing the last digits for the bill, did you try changin the month and day? For example the due date for my bill is 0220 and im thinking trying to change it to 0225 and try paying later.

  3. If you tweak the month… and it goes thru… is it reflected on your nxt months notice or accepted on the current month.
    Do they really cut your water line if late for 3 days?

    1. first question: Yes, it does reflect in the next month invoice. No problems. Second question: I don’t know. Your mileage may vary depending on their mood/temperament. Sometimes they might.

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