Windows 7 – a review


1. after xcopy sometimes there is auto-set of attrib +s +h

2. xcopy results in insufficient memory error

3. copy does computation before copy

4. new folder takes long

5. writing to root dir denied

6. remove usb shows little info on who has lock when system returns cannot be removed at this time response

7. outlook hangs up very often, sometimes shut too quickly. Same thing seems to happen with other apps.

8. always on top behavior not correct for task manager and sometimes for other apps as well

9. where is the up one folder icon in windows explorer?

10. disappearing alt-tab items

11. attachments don’t open on click from outlook

12. not possible to remove aero snap

13. quit changing the appearance of icons.

14. the text contrast is bad on a number of important screens, including ctrl-alt-del.  Unreadable for the color blind or for people with poor vision.

15. system hangs up after closing folder view in windows explorer

16. typing to search for an app in start menu is slow.  cannot alt-tab to go away and go back.

17.  shutdown causes screen black-out.  alt-tab to click on save is not possible.

18. No performance gain over Windows XP.  In many cases performance is slow.  The enhancements seem to be mostly cosmetic and for eye candy.  Where is the umph from the new I5 and I7 processors?

19. There are still many instances of displayed items going awry.  Must be GDI resources going low.

20. network control panel – not easy to get to.

21. WiFi access management is not intuitive.  Not easy.

22. Hangs-up when printing to a network printer.

23. Responsiveness of apps after coming back from a couple of hours of not using the PC is slow.  Responsiveness of commonly used applications seems to suffer a lot from being paged out.  E.g. I use outlook often and after coming back to it on the next day, the performance is slow.  Often hangs on using it again.

24. If the right window pane in windows explorer is set to a particular directory (e.g. by using Alt-D or the address bar), the left pane does not follow and open the same directory.

25. Does not work well with other OS.  If Ubuntu is installed first, then ubuntu will not be able to boot after Windows is installed.

26. There seems to be no way to recall old items in run list.  Down arrow does nothing.


1. Task manager now has a properties page for processes.

2. The 64-bit version supposedly can allow one to get beyond the 3GB physical memory limit.  If you install more than 3GB of physical memory, Win XP will not be able to expose more than 3GB to the user.  Win 7 supposedly can.


One thought on “Windows 7 – a review”

  1. I just installed installed win7 SP1 on core i3 2.13GHz M330 laptop, 2GB RAM. Started at 13:00. It took until 15:00 to download the almost 1GB service pack. To install, it took up to 17:00. And then it prompted me to restart. During shutdown the service pack had to do more stuff – another 30 minutes. Total time taken to install service pack 1 for win7: 4.5 hours.

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