Banco De Oro (BDO) Dormant accounts

Be wary.  BDO charges for account dormancy.

When an account becomes dormant, the monthly dormancy charge of Php 300.00 / US$ 5.00 is collected automatically by the BDO system.

An account is considered dormant if it has remained inactive (i.e., with no client-initiated transactions such as deposit, withdrawal, debit, credit)  for a certain period of time:

a. Current Account – after twelve (12) consecutive months or one (1) year.

b. Savings Account – after twenty-four (24) consecutive months or two (2) years.

Interbranch transactions on dormant account are not allowed because the account must first be reactivated at the maintaining branch.


57 thoughts on “Banco De Oro (BDO) Dormant accounts”

  1. Hi,

    does anyone know how this dormant account be reactiviated if the owner of the account still not in the Philippines. the account was open with good faith looking forward to have savings in Philippines.

  2. If you are not in the Philippines and the account becomes dormant, they will not reactivate it unless you go directly to the branch where you have your account. There are other better banks out there.

    1. This is the response I got from BDO:

      “Please be informed that there is no service fee/charge when reactivating a
      dormant account.

      To reactivate the dormant account, the accountholder only needs to visit
      his/her maintaining branch and make a cash deposit.

      We hope we have clarified your concern.”

      You may also try to reach them via email at callcenter at

      1. then if its not possible to visit the branch because you are out of the country, then it can not be reactivated? what to do?

      2. CALLCENTER at or the branch head at one of their makati branches: bh.hv-dela-costa at These are the contact emails that I know.

      3. Thanks for your assistance. I went to Bdo personally and reactivated my account.

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      4. I reactivated my dormant BDO account after 5 years of being dormant ( it took me 7 years to go back to the Philippines from overseas). All I did was to go personally to the branch where I opened my account and they let me fill up a lot of paperwork, and they said to either deposit or withdraw some amount just to have an activity or transaction with my account. Nothing was deducted at all as the last time they told me when I found out my account was dormant was that it was just a frozen account so no dormancy fee was being deducted.

    1. > ilang days po bago naactive ang dormant sa bdo.thankss po.

      Ano ibig mo sabihin? Ang tinutukoy mo ba ay gaano katagal bago ma-reactivate ang dormant account? Di ko tiyak. Pero di naman siguro nagtatagal.

      > at sa mga nakakaalam,ano poh hinhingi nila except po sa valid id at bank book savings.thanks po sa mga tutugon..

      Pinagbabayad ka rin ng fees.

      1. Ilang days po bago mareactive ang nkadormant na accouNt sa bdo? Sa mga nakaalam po.thank you po sa magrereply..

  3. I have a dormant account under BDO which I didnt know before I send money from an exchange here in UAE. I found out when I log in to my internet banking. Immediately I called their call center and they told me that I need to go personally in my branch to reactivate my account. I told them that it will take time before my next plan to go to Philippines. I asked them what will happen to the money I send to my account. They told me to communicate with the exchange regarding the money and transfer it to another account. I phoned my exchange regarding the issue and they told me to visit their branch and they will allow me to reactivate the account by filling a form. First I doubt it but when is saw the form it contains a BDO logo and the subject is to reactivating dormant account. So I fill up the form and they told me that it needs 3 months before it will become active again. Maybe they will send the form by mail to BDO thats why it will take time. So let’s see and wait what will happen to my account.

  4. please im on the state and my family back home recieve a note that my bdo is dormant i need a phone number to call the main the number they give me its not working i dont know what to do.i really need help

  5. it looks like they have not just one case of dormant accounts of OFWs with them as such is our case as well. BDO should ammend their policies to accommodate cases like this. I know there could be a security and privacy issue but what are their lawyers for?

  6. Any luck to anyone who is overseas and wanted to reactivate the account? I am in the same dilemma right now, worst thing is that I need the account badly so I can issue checks for Pag-ibig payment. But they do not want to compromise. As was said, there is so little motivation on their part to do better. This is realiy so sad, considering the fact their slogan is “WE FIND WAYS”, it must be the other way around.

    1. Philippine banks just seem to be slow to innovate and improve their services in ways that actually matter. If you have lived overseas for a while and enjoyed banking in other countries you’ll realize that the services of PH banks can still improve a lot. Sure, you see sometimes they will update the online banking site, but the changes are mainly cosmetic and they just generally re-arrange where functions are located but nothing of substance really has improved.

      A lot of PH banks still do a lot of things manually and use paper forms for most of their processes.

      I guess all we can do is to keep on speaking out against backward practices wherever we find them.

      1. It’s ridiculous. So backward, still hoping our banking system back home can still improve things like this.

    2. Reactivation should be done personally in BDO branch where you opened your account. When you call your branch, they will not help you or give an options to settle this while you are in abroad. Authorization not allowed as well.

      Calling to Customer Service is wasting of time, you can’t get an assistance. They will just recap the policy.

      However, you may try to ask in any money transfer/exchange near in your area if they could help you to reactivate your dormant account. some of money transfer/exchange providing form to completely fill up with your Passport copy and ID size photo and send money to your account at the same time.

      This will take quiet long, probably 2-3 months but worth to wait than waiting for a year to go back home.

      I hope this could help you. Thanks.

  7. I have the same scenario, account becomes dormant and currently overseas. I called one of the desk officer of BDO named Julius, and I had filled up forms to reactivate my dormant account but he let me send a amount to my account first. He told me it will eventually be active again after a week or so. Do I trust him? 50/50 but lets just see what happened next.

    1. I think that is correct–that you need to send some money to the account.

      And since it is going to your own account, then there should be no risk. That money will still be yours.

  8. Hi! I am currently in Australia and I have an account in BDO Phils. My account was dormant recently on May 2015. I called the manager to activate it so he advise me to deposit a minimum amount to my account. I am still waiting for the approval until now so I can start saving again. My question is, I know there is a service charge if your account balance is below Php10,000 for savings. What if I maintain Php100,000 in my account. Will I still be charge of the fee? Please advice. Thanks!

    1. if you put 100k, i am sure you will not be charged fees for being below maintaining balance. But you may still run the risk of being dormant in the future. Disclaimer though, I am not with BDO. So you are still best seeking advice from BDO directly.

    2. Lucky you because the Manager assisted you but in my case they dont give me an option but only to come personally in that branch. As if there’s no other way to reactivate it via phone conversation or via emailing.

      i told to the person i spoke with I will not go home just for that. However, assure me that no deduction for dormant fee every month. She said no amount will be collected, since my money is more than 10k but the account is freeze. No deposit, no withdrawal, no interest until reactivated.

      This policy is stealing, they are taking 300pp from remaining balance below 10k and finish the savings.

      Not everyone receiving their notification, like in my case…my family did not receive any letter from them. But BDO claimed that they send a month before become dormant.

    3. Same dilemma. Found out today that my account is no longer active. I rang the Int’l Free Toll access and transferred the call to my bank branch spoke to the Marketing Manager I’ve been told a personal appearance is needed if your Account is Dormant, which is ridiculous. I have no plans in going back home yet. I’ve been away for 5 yrs now. Not happy, I was never informed by the bank, no prior notice at all. The Marketing Mngr said there will only be reactivation fee of P300/month if it’s P10,000 below. So if there’s about P100k in your account there will be no service charge. So u won’t be charged. The bank Will only allow to hold your money/account for 10 years and money goes to the government if unable to reactivate it after 10 years.
      In personal appearance just bring 2 valid ID coz there will be signing of paper works.
      To avoid this the bank Marketing Manager said there should be an activity either deposit or withdrawal in any amount.
      For current account it will be dormant for 1 year inactive, for savings 2 yrs inactive your account will be dormant.

  9. Any transactions will avoid the account to become dormant? I haven’t deposited for 6months now, but I withdrawn some money this month. So does it mean that my account will not be dormant because I made a transaction? Pls reply. Thanks!!!

    1. I think it should be possible. Since you are there in person, you can handle anything that they require in order for the account to be reactivated if needed. Its only a problem if you are not physically in the Philippines.

  10. Hi. Same po problem ko pero nakakagulat kc po nag open ako ng kabayan savings account last August 2014 tapos September 2014 po ang punta ko dto s Taiwan.. 4 months pa po bago na hulogan ng 51k ng nanay ko. S j. BOCOBO ERMITA ko inopen tapos bawat deposit ng nanay ko sa bdo leveriza pasay branch..buwan buwan po hinuhulogan, may mga resibo at updated po ang passbook tapos last October this year, dko lo pinahulugan sa Nanay ko kc nagka problema AKO dto tapos this month sabi ko sa Nanay ko hulogan..pag punta nya sa leveriza branch nong 18 this month d tinanggap deposit nya kc closed account nadaw ung account ko? Pano po nangyari un?? Sabi ng nanay ko,sir pano pera ng anak ko ma kuhkuh b nya? Ang sagot daw, pano nya makuha e close n nga..punta daw nanay ko sa main branch Kong San ko inopen sa Monday.. Pano po gagawin ko andto po ako sa year September pa po bakasyon ko..ung pera ko makukuha ko pa po b yon pag d na settle sa Monday to..mahirap po buhay caregiver.. Nsa 300k po un mahigit.. Advise naman po..nakakabaliw. Ung pera makuha ko ba un?

    1. Hindi naman mawawala ang pera mo. Ang account ay dormant lang. Kailangan mo nga lang mapa-activate ulit. Syempre hassle yon.

      Sa susunod, ang mabuti na gawin ay:
      – tandaan ang dormancy period para sa iyong account. I-marka sa kalendaryo kelan ang huling transaksyon at kelan ang 1 year or 2 year pagkatapos.
      – o kaya lumipat ng ibang bangko. Iyong mas mahusay mag-trato ng mga nag-tatrabaho sa ibang bansa at di nagbibigay dagdag alalahanin tulad ng BDO.

      1. Hindi ako taga-BDO. Mas mabuti na taga-BDO pa rin ang kausapin mo. Pwede mo sila i-email sa callcenter at

        Pero sa aking palagay ay dapat na ok lang yon. Dormant ang account mo. At hindi “closed”.

        Hindi naman nila isasara (close) ang account. Ginawa lang nila na “dormant”.

        Pero i-email mo rin ang BDO upang mas makatiyak ka.

  11. Same scenario just happened to me. Thanks for the feedback so i will go to the remittance center tom. to transfer it to another account. This is ridiculous because im always sending money every month then all of a sudden it is now inactive. Im not interested of activating my bdo account again. Not worth it. They make trouble also before when i had my vacation i cant use my atm to withdraw my savings i went over the counter to withdraw and i didn’t understand why the hell i have to pay 250 for the transaction and when i went to the branch where i opened my account they told they will change my atm card and of course another amount i need to spent. And now here we go again dormant issue i dont know why it happened. Im really fed up. This is how they value their costumer? crazy

  12. Ganto din ang ngyari sa kapatid ko na nasa abroad na hindi naman pedeng umuwi. Ang hirap ipaactive. Kahit iutos na magpadeposit sa iba para maging active ulit ay hindi pwede. Magdedeposit na nga lang , hindi naman iwiwithdraw nung uutusan. Samantalang yung pera ay ginagamit ng BDO para mapaikot ang pera. Dapat wala na yang dormancy period o habaan nila dahil sila naman ang nakikinabang sa pera. Parang time deposit lang naman yan, na iniwan mo ang pera pero sa mahabang panahon. NO TO BDO pagdating sa Savings Account. Ilipat nyo na lang sa iba.

  13. Will they charge dormancy fee sa account mo pag inactive for two years and how much? At kelan sila magumpisa magcharge ng dormant fee if ever meron nga fee?

    Pls help, di ko namonitor lately account ko kasi di ako makalog in online. I have been reading the thread on this site and am a bit confused.

    1. > Will they charge dormancy fee sa account mo pag inactive for two years and how much? At kelan sila magumpisa magcharge ng dormant fee if ever meron nga fee?

      The original post already covers this. It depends on what type of account you have. Current Account – after 12 months, Savings Account after 24 months of having no transactions.

      However, I am not from BDO so cannot give definitive advice.

      Try calling or emailing bdo at callcenter at

      They should be able to give you definite answers.

  14. I’ve been told the same if below P10,000 u will be charged P300/month
    For no transaction or inactive
    Current Acct 12 months
    savings Acct 24 months

  15. Hello po, nagopen po ako ng bdo personal savings account recently sa isang branch malapit samin.. i am employed and bdo din po ang bank namin for payroll. Now, while in the process ng account opening, i was asked if i have opened an account before with bdo and sagot ko po is hindi pa. then the officer started to count kung ilang bdo account ang meron ako from different branches, then i realized sabi ko baka yung sa payroll from previous employers ko. Naka ilan na rin po ako ng employer since call center yung previous jobs palipat lipat ako and most of them is bdo ang gamit for payroll. I was told na may money pa sa mga acount ko pero yung iba is maliit lang. But there was this specific branch na dormant na yung account ko but malaki pa ang laman na pera at sayang daw if di ko icleclaim yung money. I was given the exact address and branch code ng BDO where i have a dormant account and I was instructed to visit the office so I can withdraw the money. And then I thought, baka backpay ko yun from one of my previous employers which most of the time di ko na naasikaso kasi di na ako bumabalik sa dati kong center pagkalipat ko. Ang problem ko po is di ko na matandaan kung sino yung previous employer ko sa branch na yun. Ano po ba ang kakailanganin sakin if I go to the bank to reactivate or make a withdrawal transaction?

      1. Okay po, actually yun nga ang sabi magdala lang ako ng valid ID’s.. next question ko po, 1) pareho lang po ba yung process even if previous employer ko ang nagopen ng account na yun under my name? 2) will I have full access at di ko na kelangan ng approval ng previous employer? 3) tatanungin pa po ba nila yung employer ko with them nung inopen yung account ko? 4) if di ko po maprovide yung employer name ko na nagopen ng account sa kanila, can I still continue with the process? thanks

    1. One more thing po, pwede po kaya ako magrequest ng statement of account or can I get a list/copy of bdo accounts under my name from different branches? Is there a way to consolidtae/ merge these accounts or at least I can close it.

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